Top Dog Tournament 2014

Missoula Budlight Leagues

Saturday-March 22nd, 2014

Eagles Lodge-2420 South Ave

Distribution of Awards and Funds 1:00 pm

Food and Fun Starts at Noon!

See you guys at the Sunrise Saloon! Sign up-9 am Play starts at 10am


I would like to congratulate all the teams for playing hard and doing their best.  This was a good year except for some minor glitches, some on my part, some not.  I would like to especially thank everybody that has put in an awesome effort in trying to to hold me and this league to the highest standards. I would also like to thank all our wonderful sponsors and Zip Beverage.  I am looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow, March 1st (9 am @ The Sunrise Saloon) that did not make it to the Top Dog Tournament.  The following teams that made the Top Dog, I will be seeing you March 8th (9 am @ The Sunrise Saloon)!

Tuesday              Thursday    
  The Sharpshooters             Henpecked  
  The Wingnuts             The Hayloft #1  
  The Walking Eagles             The Crooked Cue  
  The Buzzer's             Marvin's #1 Misfits  


Due to either the weather or teams trying to "make their displeasure known", we had two matches forfeited last night. I am still waiting for scores for one match and I'll post them as soon as I receive them. Below are the final scores of what I do have.  In all fairness, the teams that did forfeit have received 0 and their opponents have received 150.  

Group A Feb 13th Feb 20th Feb 27 Total Group B Feb 13th Feb 20th Feb 27th Total
1. Henpecked 150 131 118 399 1. Crooked Cues 127 148 128 403
2. Double Front #1   95 150 120 364 2. Eagle Eyes 117 120 116 353
3. Lucky Shots 131 113 150 394 3. Fear No Felt 105  90 106 301 
4. The Dark Horse 0 0 0 0 4. Team Exhale 109 113 128  350 
Group C         Group D        
1. Lucky Strike #1 150 115 103 368 1. Evaro #4 125 124 107 356
2. Turah #3 121 150 126 397 2. Marvin's #1 Misfits 124 135 129 388
3. The Hayloft #1 125 123 150 398 3.Pool Hall Junkies 120 112    
4. The Mellow Marvin's 0 0 0 0 4. Turah #2 129 113    

Due to teams playing with an unqualified player and proper procedures NOT being followed to apply for a "Hardship Case", there has been changes made to both  Tuesday Night Group B and Thursday Night Group A.  In trying to stay in accordance with rules that have been in place since the beginning of the league and in all fairness to all players that have faithfully paid and played, there are NO hardship qualified teams.  I apologize immensly to any team that this may have adversely affected.  Many teams had to struggle to get enough qualified players in time for the Round Robin and it is doing them an injustice to allow a team that did not have "luck" or "insight to properly adjust for such an occurance", to have a variance to the rules.  I greatly regret and apologize that if I have misunderstood the situation, did not have all the proper facts, or that I might have verbally mislead somebody that led to the score alterations. I ask for understanding and help in eliminating these problems in the future with written proposels, complaints, requests, and protests from now on. My hat is off for all the teams that played the games properly throughout the year.  Below scores reflect the outcome if the unqualified person was played as a "no show" with the average handicap. Please be safe in your travels and I wish everybody the best of luck!!

I would like to thank everybody for their hard work and having fun and showing good sportsmanship!  I know there are some fierce competitions out there so I would like to post scores as soon as possible. This Saturday will be our Conciliation Tournament for everybody that did not make it to the Top Dog Tournament.  Remember that the teams you present this coming Saturday should consist of 5 people and the only stipilations is that they cannot be playing in the Top Dog.  You can use any substitutes as long as they have played once this year.  If there is anybody that would like help assisting me with the tournaments, please give me a call at 370-8627.  HAVE FUN!!


Group A Feb 11th Feb 18th  Feb 25th Total  Group B Feb 11th Feb 18th Feb 25th  Total
1. Sharpshooters 136 119 124 379  1. Wingnuts 117 112  126  355
2. Evaro#2 119 123 108  350 2. Racks Disciprine 114 124  116  354
3. Union Club #1 121 125   99 345 3. Harold's #1 126 122  106  354 
4. Strokers 112 117  131 360  4. Marvin's Mashers 120 108  104  332
Group C         Group D        
1. The Walking Eagles 120 130   123  373 1. Evaro #1 124  107   113 344 
2. Moose on the Loose 123 121  106  350 2. Turah #1  140  116   115  371
3. Angry Balls  97  99   85  281 3. Harold's Possee   90  132   114  336
4. Outlaws 121 112  128  361 4. Buzzer's  120  122   132   374
Group A   Feb. 13th Feb 20th     Group B   Feb 13th  Feb 20th
  1. Henpecked 111 131       1. Crooked Cues 127 148
  2. Double Front #1  95 132       2. Eagle Eyes 117 120
  3. Lucky Shots 131 113       3. Fear No Felt 105  90
  4. The Dark Horse  93  84       4. Team Exhale 109 113
Group C 1. Lucky Strike #1 141 115     Group D 1. Evaro #4 125 124
  1. Turah #3 121 144       2. Marvin's #1 Misfits 124 135
  2. The Hayloft #1 125 123       3. Pool Hall Junkies 120 112
  3. The Mellow Marvin's  98  99       4. Turah #2 129 113

March 1st - Conciliation Tournament 

Sign up 9 am at the Sunrise Saloon

March 8th - Top Dog Tournament

Sign up 9 am at the Sunrise Saloon

March 22nd - End Of Year Party

At the Eagles

Awards, Prizes and Payouts awarded promptly at 1:00 pm


There is no longer a Table Conflict for the Evaro Teams. Please recheck your schedules if you were scheduled to play them. Due to short notice, Evaro #1 will still be playing at the Buzzer's tonignt (Feb 11th). 

While we wait for scores to be entered from the final week of the regular season, I would like to take a moment and let you all know we are making a few changes to the site.

With mobile devices making up a majority of our website traffic, it seems best to retire the current site because it is not really mobile friendly.
A new, mobile friendly website will be available to guide you through the 2013-14 post season. This is also a preview of how the site will be next season!

However, there are still a few users out there that use outdated web browsers. In order to make the website more user friendly overall, the new website will not support versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer older than 8.

For those of you using older web browsers; I encourage you to update your current browser, or download FireFox, Google Chrome, or any other standards complient browser. Not ot only are they free, you will see all of the web as intended! (Things work a little better if you have an updated web browser.)

With the season coming to a close and a new year upon us, it is time to update and move into a stream-lined, mobile friendly website that will make everyone's experience easier and more enjoyable acoss all devices!

We seem to have a broken link but you can still print tonights schedule.  Just follow these steps.

1. Click on "Teams" on the right side of here

2. Click on "Thursday"

3. Click on your "Team"

4. On the left side under Team Information click on "Team Schedule"

5. Double click on your 18th games opponent that is highlighted in blue

6. Click "Print Match Stats"

7. Right click to bring up the print command and click on "Print"


This is the last week of the regular season.  We will immediately begin next week with the Round Robin.  Round Robin will consist of three weeks.  Fees will still need to be payed in.  Your final team standing will determine your position and which bracket you will be in.  Only the top 16 teams of each night of play will be in the Round Robin.  The teams not playing (2 from Tuesday and 3 from Thursday) will be in the Conciliation Tournament held March 1st. Top Dog Tournament will be held March 8th.

Round Robin will consist of 4 brackets with 4 teams in each.  The players of your team will have needed to play at least 4 games in the regular season.  If you don't have enough players due to unforeseen circumstances, (ie. DUI, surgery, moving,...) you will need to petition me for a "hardship case" in writing so I can review it and document it. Handicaps will remain the same throughout Round Robin and all tournaments.  Round Robin will be a race for highest accumulated total points for the three weeks of play. Handicap points are included in the totals. The winner of each bracket will advance to the Top Dog Tournament on March 8th which will consist of 8 teams (4 from Tuesday & 4 from Thursday).  If you play for two teams (Tuesday and Thursday), you are allowed to play the Round Robin for each team.  If you have two teams that make it to the Top Dog, you will be required to play on only one team.  If a Top Dog team can not fulfill the required 5 players, the position will fall to the second team in the bracket.   All teams that do not make it to the TD tournament will be eligible to play in the Conciliation Tournament.  If you are a player on one of the Top Dog qualified teams, you CAN NOT play in the Conciliation Tournament.

The Conciliation Tournament will consist of teams with 5 team members.  We would like the teams to be consistent with your regular season format, but is not a requirement.  To estabilish a full team you can use anybody that has played during the regular season and is not on a Top Dog Team.  Individual handicaps will still be used, so your players need to have played at least once to have established a handicap.  This tournament is for fun and prize money and is not a requirement. All tournaments will require a $6.00 entry fee ($30 per team).



Because of the current schedule, BYE's, and varying number of teams per night of play, some teams may play more matches than others.
This causes the Team Standings to be inaccurate. The current method uses the highest values for sorting, and some teams gain an advantage when they play more matches.

Team Standings will be sorted, and tie-breaking procedures will be applied as follows on Thursday.

Each team's percentage will be determined by comparing the actual values earned vs the total values possible.

The higher percent wins.
These percentages are not visible via the site at this time.
The formulas used are listed below.

Wins + Losses determine how many matches a team plays.

LP%  =  LP ÷ (wins + losses) x 4
W%  =  W ÷ (wins + losses)
RW% =  RW ÷ (wins + losses) x 3
GW% =  GW ÷ (wins + losses) x 15
PTS% = ( total Points + HDC in) ÷ (wins + losses) x 15
--adding the HDC gives a slight % increase and  is intentional

This cannot be applied on Tuesday because of forfeits. The forfeiting teams would get unfairly promoted which is unacceptable.
Forfeits will be addressed prior to next season. This will become the default filtering/tie-breaking procedure.

Contact support for any questions

      If an entire match cannot be played due to unsportsmanlike conduct on part of either or both teams, I will be unable to award ANY scores to either team unless a rematch can be played before the coming Sunday.  This would have to be in agreement with both teams and arrangements made accordingly.  It is unfair to punish or award individual players with a score they didn't earn. This will in turn affect the team's standings and the payout at the end of the year.  The team is still responsible for that week's fee and if not payed, it will be deducted from the "end of the year" team's total earnings. Both teams will also be on probation for the remainder of the year. It is unfair to make a judgment call without first hand observation or experience of the incident.  Please remember that you are representing your sponsors, your team, and this league.  For us to have the best league, we need to cooperate and strive for improvement and not conflict.  The more players and diversity we have, in the long run, will make for better players and better competition.  Please respect each other and each other's playing fields.

      If the unsportsmanlike behavior is associated with only one individual or one game and the individual committing the willful and unsportsmanlike conduct has been warned and persists in the same behavior, his or her games will be awarded to the opponent and scored as a "10 to 0" score. The teams then will progress in the same rotation with only the offending player's matches being forfeited. The scoring will show that the player earned a zero and his or her handicap and standings will reflect this.

     Lastly, "Blatant disregard or disrespect to fellow players, customers, bartenders, owners or establishments will not be tolerated!" Offending players and/or offending teams can be asked to remove themselves from the establishment.  Consequently, they could possibly be banned from the league and any league play now and in the future by Missoula Budlight Leagues operators.


I hope everybody is finding this break for the holiday season enjoyable and using it as a time to prepare for the coming year.  I want to thank everybody that has worked hard to put a team together and for their efforts as Captains in getting scores and weekly fees to me in a timely manner. I would like to remind everybody that we only have 4 more weeks of the regular season.  Our season's last day of play will be Feb. 4th (Tuesday) and Feb. 6th (Thursday). I will need final scores promptly so we can set up the Round Robin schedules.

We will start the Round Robin the following week (Feb 11th & 13th) immediately following the regular season.  To be able to execute and manage a timely Round Robin session, only the top 16 teams per night will participate in the weekly Round Robin play off.  The bottom 2 teams on Tuesday and bottom 3 teams on Thursday will automatically graduate to the Conciliation Tournament that will be held Saturday, March 1st. (Time & Location to be verified later).

Top Dog Tournament will be the following weekend after the Conciliation tournment and will be played Saturday, March 8th. We will then have the next weekend free (March 15th & 16th) as this has been previously scheduled for Men and Women's Rotation parties.  Our Awards and "End of the Year" party will be Saturday, March 22nd at the Eagles Lodge.

Please mark your calendars and Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!


Due to a Sponsor conflict, Union Club will be hosting Alcan's Angry Balls at the Sunrise Saloon on November 5th.  The Union Club requested the change because of Election Day. As we approach the holiday season, please confirm with your sponsoring bar that there isn't any conflict between our scheduled matches and their scheduling of parties, dances, and other such events.  If there is a conflict, please contact Valarie Dowell (370-8627) as soon as possible to reschedule or to play at a different location. In all fairness, the away team will have first option to host the game but they will remain as the "away" team on the score sheets.  If neither bar has an open table, a neutral bar can be chosen but the bar must be one of our sponsors.   

Season 4 is approaching the half way mark!.
Team specific schedules can be found and printed by visiting a teams page. Statistics for handicaps can be found by selecting a match on any schedule, these will be printable only for the applicable week.
Handicaps are not applied until week 4. 

Good Luck!